Terms of the campaign "Avtoradio refuels" in the period from 08/25/2017 to December 25, 2017

1. The campaign Autoradio refuels is carried out in order to promote the radio station Avtoradio Smolensk at a frequency of 103.9 FM of the company Radio Captain.

2. Place and date of the campaign - The campaign is held on the territory of Smolensk and the Smolensk region on the radio station Avtoradio at a frequency of 103.9 FM (Smolensk), 102.2 FM (Vyazma), 107.5 FM (Roslavl), 104 , 5 FM (Safonovo) from 08/25/17. on 12/25/17. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8-00 to 15-00 Moscow time.

3. The organizer of the campaign: Radio Captain LLC, legal address: 10/2, Smolensk Ave., Gagarin Ave., actual address: 10/2 Ave., Smolensk Ave., 10/2, office 507, BIN 1036758325163.

4. Citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached the age of 18 can take part in the Promotion. Employees and their relatives, as well as employees of affiliated companies, cannot participate in the Promotion.

5. Terms and conditions. At the specified dates of the Promotion, the live broadcast of Autoradio in the ad unit (any time can be, within the terms of the Promotion) the following conditional signal sounds: AUTORADIO FILLS!, After which the Participant needs to arrive as soon as possible at the specified address, and get either from the operator of the petrol station or from the administrator (depending on the address) a coupon for the purchase of the Prize. The prize goes to the Participant who arrives first at the specified address after the conditional signal announced on the air. One day - one winner. If there is no Participant who has coped with the task, no one will receive the Prize. The prize is drawn every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at a specified time on the Promotion.

6. The participant of the promotion has the right to participate once through the entire period of the campaign
7. Prize fund: The prize is a coupon for the purchase of 92-nd gasoline in the amount of 20 liters. Total for the promotion period is 52 coupons. Addresses of coupon and gasoline receipt:

Smolensk-Lada, Smolensk, ul. Shevchenko, d.87A;
Petrol Station "Neftika", Smolensk, st. Shevchenko, d.88A;
Petrol Station "Neftika", Smolensk, st. Nakhimov, d.1B;
Petrol Station "Neftika", Smolensk, st. Lavochkin, 104B;

The period of purchase of gasoline by coupon: from 08.25.17. on 12/31/17. on any given day, according to the mode of operation at the petrol stations indicated.

8. Information about the Promotion can be obtained on the website media-fm.ru in the section "Promotions"

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