The single fuel card "Neftika" combines reliability, cost efficiency and the convenience of use on a wide network of Neftika and its partners petrol stations. Pay for the fuel services only at the approved petrol stations across Russia and abroad, have the opportunity to keep a transparent record of fuel costs and save on petrol station services.Our customers individuals, commercial organizations and public companies receive only comfortable and favourable conditions of service and first-class customer service.

"Neftika-Card" provides fuel cards "Neftika" to private and corporate customer and allows to make cashless payment for fuel at the petrol stations of its own and affiliate network, which includes more than 7 000 stations on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Our partners are Federal companies (Rosneft, Gazpromneft, Bashneft, Tatneft, etc.) and regional petrol station networks. In addition to that we have our own network of petrol stations, which is constantly expanding.

Our clients are companies and private individuals who wish to streamline the costs of fuel, have transparent accounting, control of fuel use and accessible regular reporting, while reducing the cost of motor fuel by 5-18%.

Our credo is a strict observance of customers interests and work in the interests of the client. We strive not only to enable corporations and individuals to pay for fuel with fuel cards, but also to provide a high quality service and ease of use of our cards, to guarantee the reliability and high quality of petrol station services and to give the opportunity to save on fuel.

Our mission is to make the purchase of motor fuel easier, more convenient and more efficient, to give our customers guarantees of reliability and safety, to provide an effective, simple and functional service that will allow them to save their time and money.

The principles of our company are honesty, openness and a high level of responsibility in relations with customers, customer oriented service and uncompromisingly high quality, which we demand both from ourselves and from our partners.

Our goal is to become a major player in the Russian market for the sale of motor fuel and the provision of partner services of cashless payments for fuels and lubricants, with a high level of trust from customers and partners, to expand and improve the list of services, while maintaining their quality consistently high.