History of the company

Our company entered the market in 2006 and has been developing its own and partner network of filling stations for more than 10 years, at the same time improving the quality of services and the level of service and offering its customers new service options.

  • Beginning of the story

    Beginning of the story

    Our company enters Moscow market with the project of fuel cards. First fuel cards "Neftika" are accepted at the petrol stations network in Moscow, and partner filling stations in Poland.

  • Start of work on state procurement

    Start of work on state procurement

    Work begins with the public and private companies in the framework of state procurement this segment will be subsequently actively developed. At the same time, international cooperation is developing the national network of WOG Ukraine petrol stations becomes Neftikas partner.

  • New market

    New market

    The geography of our company's presence is expanding the company enters the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and fuel cards "Neftika" begin to take at the petrol station network "Helios". The second representative office of the company opens in St. Petersburg.

  • The third mission

    The third mission

    The network of fuel card service stations "Neftika" is expanding, the company opens a representative office in Smolensk.

  • Technical modernization

    Technical modernization

    The company is upgrading the entire technological base and launching a service project for contactless fuel cards "Neftika" on its own network of petrol stations.

  • Increased presence

    Increased presence

    The geography of the company's presence in the market continues to expand, the number of own and partner petrol stations is growing. The first foreign representative office of the company opens in Gomel, Republic of Belarus.

  • 7000 petrol stations

    7000 petrol stations

    The service network of fuel cards "Neftika" reaches 7000 filling stations and continues to grow. The company actively enters into new service agreements with organizations and individuals. The corporate website of the company is being redesigned-it becomes even more convenient for customers and partners!